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March 22 2014

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March 21 2014

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Sorry it’s been so long! post shower, waiting for my bf to come [f]uck me..

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Upvoted: One more [f]inal to go so I thought i’d dress the part via /r/gonewild http://ift.tt/1d4je11

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I love when people with normal, non-porn blogs submit nudes ;) 



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Photo by Michael Storyteller

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Who’s Ass is this…..

That would be http://dream-of-zombie.tumblr.com/

She submitted it to us and now 70,000 notes later it’s the most popular post we’ve ever made :) Go follow her!


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For daily pics of more great bods follow us at http://what-a-bod.tumblr.com/

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March 09 2014

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March 08 2014

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March 07 2014

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Submission #10!


The submission with the most notes wins! So like/reblog!

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